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कोल्ड ड्रिंक ट्यूब (v) के अनुप्रस्थ खुर को रोकने के उपाय

Mar 15, 2020

केशिका पीसने के बाद की घोषणा

(1) Due to the influence of factors such as poor heating quality of the billet or low final rolling temperature, the steel tube & nbsp;has defects such as residual stress. After the capillary annealing, the residual stress of the steel tube & nbsp;is eliminated, the internal structure is improved, the plasticity is improved, and the cold drawing deformation is facilitated.

(2) After steel tube & nbsp;grinding, work hardening occurs at the grinding part, stress concentration, hardness of the grinding surface increases, plasticity decreases, and deformation resistance increases. After the capillary tube is ground and then annealed, the work hardening and stress concentration caused by the grinding can be eliminated, and the repaired part can obtain the same good plasticity as other parts, which is convenient for processing deformation.

(3) After annealing, the capillary must meet the requirements of the annealing process, so that the capillary is heated evenly and thoroughly, so that the tissue state of the defective part can be fully recovered. Eliminate internal stress, reduce hardness and improve plasticity.