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वे मामले जब क्रोम परत को क्रोम प्लेटेड बार से निकालने की आवश्यकता होती है

Apr 20, 2020

(1) Productive removal of coatings. & nbsp;Some coatings are removed for productive needs, the most typical is the removal of tin in the electroplating of printed circuit boards. In addition, there is a partial plating removal in the plating. The ideal local plating process is to shield the parts that do not need to be plated before electroplating, but when some products or workpieces cannot or are difficult to take partial shielding due to structural reasons, they can only be electroplated first, and then no plating The part of the part is removed by the local deplating method. These are examples of productive deplating. This type of coating removal is normal coating removal.

(2) Process or research deplating. & nbsp;In addition to rework rework and productive deplating, electroplating tests and electroplating processes or electrochemical research also require the process of deplating. The development of all plating species regards the method of removing plating as an integral part of its plating process. This is mainly an arrangement based on the needs of rework rework and productive rework. In addition, in order to understand the composition of the coating and conduct the coating thickness test, a related deplating process is also required. In particular, the analysis of the composition of the alloy coating and the determination of the mass percentage of the composite material in the composite coating can only be quantitatively analyzed after the coating is removed. Therefore, stripping is an indispensable technology in process research and testing.